Uber Cube

A Discussion on Over Tinkering with Myagic

November 21, 2022 Anthony and Stu Season 1 Episode 25
Uber Cube
A Discussion on Over Tinkering with Myagic
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During this episode both Anthony aka. Uber Bear and May aka. Myagic discuss the impacts of over tinkering in cube environments. Team Uber Cube provides methods to both process feedback and how to responsibly update your cube environments without "tipping the scales" or "flattening the tires." In addition, we discuss how to balance your subtypes or factions within your thematic cube environments to best target the fun for all drafters. We certainly hope you enjoyed this discussion and as always happy cubing!

Check out May's Cubes: https://cubecobra.com/user/view/615504600674da101effa506

Check out Anthony's Cubes: https://cubecobra.com/user/view/5ea3405774a359107222d8fc

Here is location of the show notes including all the cards discussed during the show.  https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1vZwn4xerGAImtId1E2YDPbd1VMc_G4X8?usp=sharing
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Intro, special guest, and libations
The Topic: Upgrades or Over Tinkering?
Processing Feedback
Old Dogs Can Learn
Balancing the Scales?
Shiny New Toys!
Trickle in Updates
Power Outliers are Okay
Am I a Horse?
How to process feedback from new players
Take Notes and Journal
Another Type of Over Tinkering
Corner Case and Majority Case
More on Power Outliers
The Power of Pack One Pick One
Thematic Cubes and Scales
Anthony Runs the Crucible
Questions for May
Closing Thoughts on Responsible Tinkering
Socials and Outro, I'm a Horse, 3X Happy Cubing!