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The Fae of Eldraine: A Discussion on WOE

September 04, 2023 Anthony and Stu
Uber Cube
The Fae of Eldraine: A Discussion on WOE
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During this episode Team Uber Cube discusses the impact of Wilds of Eldraine on May's Fae Cube. We discuss May's preparations for Cube Con 2023 as well as evaluate updates and card inclusions for her cube. In addition, we review cards from a Pauper and Peasant level as The Fae Cube cross pollinates with these and other genres of cube. Thanks for listening, sharing is appreciated and happy cubing! 

The Fae Cube: https://cubecobra.com/cube/overview/fairytale 

Show Notes

Cube Con 2023! Team Uber Cube will onsite with lots of cubes and has 4 cube featured during the main event : Uber Bear's Artifact Cube, Uber Bear's Horror Cube, Sammich's Peasant Cube and May's Fae Cube. See you there!  https://mtgcubecon.com/

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Intro, Topic Overview and Refreshements of Choice
Curation Curveballs
The Hardest Deck?
Eldraine versus Wilds of Eldraine
New Adventures
Counter Argument for the Lab
The Power of the Commons and Uncommons
Weaponizing Food Continued
Beanstalk Wurm?
Pauper and Peasant Evaluations
Two Drops Need Support
Too Hot, Too Cold, Just Right!
Tempting Apple?
Socials, Shoutout, and Happy Cubing!